Magoon Creek Field Trip

On May 5, 2016 we went to Magoon Creek. My favorite part that we visited was the Native American person Ruben. Ruben was a Native American who liked to play Native American instruments. Ruben showed us all different kinds of cool instruments that sounded really soft like. There was this one instrument that made a cool frog noise. Magoon Creek was a beautiful site to see. I hope I can go there again. ~Ashlyn

My class and I went to Magoon Creek. My favorite spot was birds of area. Mr. Barto was funny, because when we met him he thought a bat was a bird, and he thought the bat was sleeping but it was dead. He had a lot of birds in his sweatshirt pocket. He let us try to find a camouflage bird hiding somewhere, and Matthew found it. At the end we went to Stronach Park. I only went on the spinny thingy. It was VERY fun! I hope to go again!


My class and I went on a field trip to Magoon Creek. My favorite part of the trip was when a guy named Mr. Johnson taught us about the soil. It was cool to see how the soil got lighter as he went deeper into the ground. I didn't know it got orange as you went down into the ground. It was pretty cool when he let us touch and feel some of the different soils as he got deeper into the ground. It was a really fun field trip. ~Lauren

LaurenToday me and my class went to Magoon Creek. We got to touch a lamprey. I wanted it to biyt me in the hand. But the teacher sed no and I sed ok. Then the teacher took us to Stronach Park. We ate lunch. Then we played for awiyl and came back to school. I had fun! ~Matthew

We went to Magoon Creek. Today we went to this one spot where he talked about all sorts of cool birds. One of them was a purple finch. Then he pulled out a type of woodpecker. His name was Mr. Barto. He was the best. We went to this one Native American speaker. He talked about instruments like a flute. He made a frog noise with the back of the frog. There was a Sturgeon rattler. There was a pack of tobacco in a little sack. There was a little thing made out of deer bone.Then we went to Stronach Park to finish off the day. ~Noah

My class went to Magoon Creek. My favorite part was the lamprey. The guy was Mr. Vaas. Did you know that there is a dinosaur that is still alive? It is the sturgeon. My class got to touch the lamprey. A lamprey has 400 teeth in a row. It has more than 1,000 teeth in its mouth. He gave my classmates a bobber and me. I had a lot of fun at Magoon Creek. ~Drew

Today we went to Magoon Creek. One of the cool spots was with Mr.Vaas he talked about Michigan fish and aquatic species. He was talking about sturgeon and sea lamprey. He showed us a sturgeon skeleton. After that he pulled out to alive sea lamprey. He took one and stuck it to his hand. To finish it off we went to Stronach Park. ~Jesse

      Today my class and I went to Magoon Creek and learned a lot. My favorite thing I learned is 

about Native Americans. We learned their version of music and instruments. Some Native Americans 

use music to attract women. We also learned about a ceremonial drum they played. When war came 

they would blow a horn to send a signal to the village. Other times it can mean death. The guest 

speaker was Mr. Ruben. It is so fascinating to learn about the life before electricity was made. I am 

super thankful to all the guest speakers that came out to teach us. ~Sarah

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