Mystery Books are the Best

Taking the Mystery Out of Reading Instruction

Onekama Third Graders Enjoy Book Clubs


Onekama School third grade students are exploring the genre of mystery books through the use of book clubs. Students have been placed into partnerships to foster independent reading and learning of mystery vocabulary words. 


Research supports the use of literature circles and cooperative book clubs to help students achieve success in the area of reading instruction. According to the Annenberg Research group, “Literature circles engage students in rich conversations about shared readings. Students can express their opinions, predictions, and questions about a text in a productive, structured way.”


Recently, Onekama students completed a lesson on red herrings. Commented student Autumn Pate, "I like our new reading unit because you get to read the mystery books."


"I really like mysteries,” echoed Kaleb Chisholm.  “I'm reading Calendar Mysteries: February Friend."

Jayla, Waaba & Caden reading The Invisible Island

Arden & Jacob reading Nate the Great 
and the Pillowcase

 Braydon & Evan reading Nate the Great 
and the Sticky Case

Esther & Nolan reading The Deadly Dungeon

February 2016