5th Grade Quiz Bowl 2015

 1st Place

Professors of Kennedy Elementary


Alyssa Jackoviak, Ayden Breland, Macie Hardmon, Solana Postma

2nd Place 

The Onekama
Thunder Thumbs 

Madalyn Fox, Kaylin Sam, Mairin McCarthy, Breanna Schneider, and Maegan Hrachovina


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OCS Hosts Quiz Bowl Competition


On Tuesday, March 17 and Wednesday, March 18, Onekama Consolidated Schools hosted the Manistee County fifth and sixth grade Quiz Bowl competition.


Teams from all county schools were represented, and students had the chance to showcase their knowledge of literature, mathematics, social studies, science, and the arts over two days of competition.


“We were happy to host this academic contest,” commented Onekama Superintendent Kevin Hughes. “Giving students the opportunity to be celebrated for their academic successes in addition to their athletic successes is a high priority for all schools.”


Many people gave their time to help make the event a success – from the teachers who prepared students in the classroom, parents who asked questions over meals at home, and the students themselves who gave up time at lunch, recess, and after school to study. 


“We are especially grateful to the community volunteers who served as question readers, timers, and scorekeepers,” added Hughes.


In the fifth grade competition, first place was awarded to “The Professors” of Kennedy Elementary. In the sixth grade competition, the first place plaque was earned by “The Brainstormers” of Bear Lake School.


“I had a lot of fun at Quiz Bowl, and we got second place,” commented Onekama fifth grader Mairin McCarthy, a member of “The Thunder Thumbs.” 


“Even though we didn’t win, I am proud of how hard we worked to get to the finals. And, I’m glad I remembered how Roman numerals worked, because that was one of the questions!”

In quiz bowl I was a machinist. I help with the 5th grade quiz bowl. I also was in the media center with Elizabeth S.. On the team was Kaylin S., Maegan H., Breanna S., Maddie F., and Mairin M.. I helped out with some stuff. Every time I would say something when the buzzer went off I would try not to mess up on saying the word. It was hard, but I made it through~Sophie

Quiz Bowl was very fun this year! Since this was my first year doing it, you could imagine, I was pretty nervous. Our team was called the Thunder Thumbs, and our team consisted of Kaylin S., Maegan H., Breanna S., Madalyn F. and me. We had a lot of fun! It was on Saint Patricks day, so we all wore green! In the first round, we won by 20 points! After that, it got easier. When it was the final round, we didn't pull all the way through. Even though we got second place, I am still very proud of our team! I am defiantly doing this next year! ~Mairin

I was the scorer, window holder, and runner. The scorer keeps track of score. The window holder holds the window open during breaks because in gets so hot in the media center. Finally the runner takes a piece of paper to the person who tells witch team is next. I had a lot of fun. I can't wait to do it next year
! ~Elizabeth

     Quiz bowl was really fun!  The practices during lunch recess were also really fun! Breanna, Kaylin, Mairin, Maddie and I all made a really good team. When it was actually competition day we won all of the tournaments except the last two in the championships. The last two games were really hard. There were a lot of hard questions. I can't wait for next year! ~Maegan


  This year I was on the Quiz bowl team. We were called the thunder thumbs. In the first round we were in we won by twenty points. I got one right for the team. We got to the finals with no loses. The first round of the finals we lost then we loss the second we loss also. We got second place. I was on a team with Meagan, Kaylin,  Madalyn,  Mairin, and me. I had a lot if fun on the quiz bowl team.  ~Breanna