The Great Race

  The Fifth Grade is participating in an exciting project called THE GREAT RACE. They are competing against 35 other schools in the country, in a virtual “race” from Miami, Florida, to San Diego, California.

   They are participating in three live videoconferences between January and May.  The race combines geography, social studies, math, and technology objectives. Students will be completing tasks related to the race in social studies class with Mrs. McCarthy, in math class with Mrs. Brown, and during iPad Exploration time with Mrs. Hrachovina and Mr. Brown.


   We are using a map in the Media Center to plot out the route we are taking. We have marked the 14 required checkpoints (each is a U.S. natural wonder) and the stops we make along the way. We have created a log book to keep track of distance, speed, time, costs, weather, landmarks, and other required information.


January 2015