Inland Seas Tall Ships Tour

                                     LEARNING ON THE HIGH SEAS
                            Onekama Students Take School Ship Adventure

On Monday, May 18 at 7:15 a.m., the fifth grade class of Onekama Elementary School began a journey to Traverse City. The students and their teachers Mrs. Catanese and Mrs. Brown went to the Inland Seas School Ship on the Grand Traverse Bay. The ship they went on is called The Manitou.

The weather was warm when students got off the bus, but when they started sailing on the bay it turned really cold. The whole class got spilt into five groups. Each group was paired with a teacher or aide.   

One of the most important things the volunteers on The Manitou wanted the students to know is how to protect the water. They also taught students about the plant and animal life. They learned about plankton, and they got to see plankton up close on a microscope.

Additionally, they got to learn about the sediments from the bottom of the bay. To get the sediments from the bottom of the bay, they used a ponar dredge. A ponar dredge is a very heavy metal machine that is dropped into the water. When a rope is pulled a certain way, the ponar dredge closes and it traps the sediments inside. The bottom of the bay was about 60-70 feet under water!

Students also learned about something called a secchi disk. It is a black and white disk that is put into the water, and it is tied to a rope that has lines for every meter. To find how clear the water is, students counted the lines until they couldn't see the disk anymore. They got 15 meters before they couldn't see the secchi disk. 

By Maegan Hrachovina,
Fifth Grade Student Reporter

The crew consisted of very hard workers. They had to pull the ropes with the students while they raised the sail. Many of them were volunteers that took their own time to help students learn about how to keep the water clean, how to protect the water, and about some animals that live in the water.

Students enjoyed the trip for many reasons. Fifth grader Madisen Clouse said, “Riding the Manitou wasn't all work. One of the instructors taught us something very important, that was that in life we rarely get to just stop and soak in our surroundings and just have peace. In life we are so concerned on what could go wrong we forget what's right, and so for a few minutes we just stopped and lived in the moment. It was perfect!”

    On May 18, 2015 my class took a field trip to the Inland Seas School ship in Traverse City Bay. We left at 7:15 in the morning. We got there at 8:30. The captain talked about safety for a while. Then we got on the schooner. It was huge! It was called the Manitou. There were four different groups. The adults of the groups were Mrs. Brown, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Catanese, and Mrs. Rita. I was in Mrs. Rita's group. We went to a couple different stations. My favorite station was the plankton station. We learned about the Zooplankton and the Fido plankton. We learned about water safety, seamanship, and protection of the water.  I had a great time. I hope we can do that again.  Sincerely, Lillian


I had a lot of fun at the Inland Seas field trip in Grand Traverse City Bay. I was in Mrs. Brown's group the first station I was the plankton station. We left at 7:15 am, and we got there at 8:30 am, and we left the docks at 9:00 am. The ship name we were on is the Manitou. My favorite station was the steering the ship and raise the sail. After we were off the ship we got back on the bus and went to the park and eat are lunch and after we went to play in the park. After we got back on the bus we went back to school. We got back at 3:00 pm. ~Mason E.

        It was a really fun field trip we learned a lot grand travelers bay. This was weather station and the visibility 18 miles cloud types was anvil percent cloud cover 50. Precipitation none. The sun was out and nice. I got to drive the boat it was so cool we got to pull up the sale and anchor and was hard but fun we learned how to protect are water and learn about plankton and got learn about fish that was the best field trip in 5th grade. The guy that help us was the fishing group and we had to make a name for are group it was something smells fishy. ~Madison H. 

On Monday May 18 my class went to Grand Traverse Bay. We went on the Inland Seas School ship, the boat we went on was called the Manitou. When we got on the boat we could see 18 miles ahead, it was so cool! My favorite part was seamanship, we got to do a lot of cool stuff. I helped raise the sail, me  and Ellie got to steer the ship together, and I got to pull the anchor, to pull the anchor I went around the boat 3 1/2 times. I also got to ' throw the float' witch means I got to throw a flotation device in the water that was connected to a net that we caught fish with. It was the best field trip ever!Sincerely, ~Maddie F.

       On May 18, 2015 we had to be at school at 7:15 in the morning to board the bus  to head to the Grand Travers Bay. All of us had fun and most of us wanted to stay on the ship. We road the ship named The Manito. On the boat we learned about seamanship (parts of the boat) water safety and protection of the water. On the boat they had different stations like plankton, fish, weather, sediment and benthos, and the water health. My favorite one was steering the boat, pulling the anchor up raising the sail, and the water health. I had so much fun I wish I could do it next year.  ~Madison A.

       On May 18, 2015, the Onekama 5th grade class visited Inland Seas, in Grand Traverse Bay. It was a lot of fun. We did stuff like steering the boat, raising the sails, observing plankton, and having fun! When we got on the boat, we first learned where we were and not allowed to go. For about 2 hours, we stayed on deck, and learned about the fish, the crew, and the parts of the boat. Next, we did lessons with our helper, Lauren. We learned about the different types of clouds, how clear the water is, and that the water is really cold! We then did stations. The first one we went to, we got to see plankton from a microscope! They were really cool. On that particular day, we saw only one kind of plankton, though. It was called a Calanoid Copepod. Next, we dug with our fingers through mud, which was from the bottom of the lake! Even though it sounds gross, it was really cool! We hosed of the mud, and looked at the objects inside them. We found stuff like fly larva, and zebra muscles. I loved the Inland Seas, I can't wait to go again! ~Mairin

   The Inland Seas School ship was an amazing experience. It was a fun day of learning and not even realizing it! We learned about plankton, fish ID, water health, and seamanship. We leaned about zoo plankton and photyo plankton. It was really windy so the just made it even more fun. The boat was rocking back and forth. The crew were so kind. We got to pull on some of the big heavy ropes. We definitely got a big workout. We sang songs and got to steer the boat. I learned a lot and I hope I can go again in the future!  ~Kaylin S.

        We left at 7:15 in the morning. I was so tired. We got there at 8:30 in the morning. We left the dock at 9:00. Then we rode around in the bay.
     This Monday we went to the Manitou school ship. It was a schooner. There was many stations to go to like the plankton identification. We found two different kinds in two small drops of water. They are very small so small that you need a microscope to see them. We found two different kinds. It was my favorite station.
     There was also a weather station. My group and I measured the clearness of the water. We also used a wind gage to measure the wind speeds. We estimated the cloud covering too. My group found out the water temperature also. I really liked that station.
     Almost everybody got to steer the ship. It was amazing to steer it. When my group was waiting to sail we learned about seamanship. We went below deck. We learned about how acidic water is and how it's packed with oxygen. We did a little experiment with water acidity. I loved that little station.
     I had a great time. I loved it on the boat. It was amazing and fun. I never thought learning could be so fun. It was sad when we had to go. I had a great day.  ~Breanna S.

    We went to grand travers bay, to go on the school ship. My favorite part was when I steered the schooner and when we looked at plankton thro a microscope. I liked putting up the sail and bringing up the anchor. It was exciting to be there.    ~By Ethan 

OES.Gr.5.Tall ShipTrip

     On May 18,2015 we went on a sailboat in Grand Traverse Bay. I got to look at tiny little plants and animals. Calanoid Copepod were the most abundant in the categories. I had to wake up at 6:00 to get to the school on time. My original instructor was a woman named Lauren. I got to raise the sails with my classmates. Heave away is a common call on sailboats. The anchor took a lot of heavy lifting. And a lot of confusion. I spilled a bunch of acid on the table where we were doing acids. I identified a round goby, and a spot tailed shiner. Which I dumped overboard. I had an awesome time on my inland seas trip. ~Scott

             We went on a field trip on May 18, 2015 we went to the Grand Traverse  Bay. The ship we went on was called the Manitou when we got there before we went on the ship the people that worked their talked to us about safety. 
      When we got on to the ship we got to do activities first before we could go to our stations we got to catch fish and that was going to be used for a station then we finally got to our stations our class was split into groups. My group was with Mrs. .Catanese the first thing we got to do was steer the ship two people at a time got to steer. Secondly we did the water health that was fun because we got to do experiments. After that we did the fish ID we got to take the fish we caught before and take it out of the tank and ID it. When we were done with that we did the plankton and we used the magnifier they looked really cool up close.
     The people that work their are volunteers and that they want to work with us for that day they also work very hard to keep the water and us safe. When we got done we went to the park that's right next to the dock and we ate our lunches. Our field trip was awesome I can't wait to go on a ship again some time.  ~ Ashley

We went to the Inland Seas in Grand Traverse Bay on May 18, 2015 with Mrs. Brown's 5th grade class. Our class had to get up at 6:00 a.min the morning because we had to leave school at 7:15 a.m to get to Traverse. We got their at 8:30 a.m then we left at 9:00 a.m.  The kind of ship we went on was a schooner it was named the Manitou. On the boat we got to do a lot of activities like we got to steer the ship, raise the sails, pull up the anchor, and then we got to put in a fishing net we caught a lot of fish. The kinds of fish we caught were White Suckers, Gobies, Perch, and Rock Bass. After all that we got into are groups we started to go to are stations. My group’s first station was to steer the ship. After steering the ship we went water cemetery we got to mix different chemicals together. The third station was to learn how to tell the different kinds of fish there are. After we learned about they we went to learn about the different kinds of animals there are in the seaweed at the bottom of the lake. We saw baby Mitch Flies and these little water bugs. By the time we were done we were docked then we ate at a park and headed back to school. That was the best field trip to go on I wish I could go again hopefully they won't ever go out of business. ~By: Ellie  

Off we went at 7:15- and got they,re at 8:30. The first thing we did was learn about ship safety and how to use they're life vest. We left the dock at 9:00 got on and the instructor talked about ware to and not the stand or sit.  We lited and let go a neat into the water. We reeled it back and got some fish. We heed the sail up and got to drive the ship did some science explains we got to platen . ~Hunter H.

Hi there, today I'm gonna tell some of the things we did. We went on Monday,the 19nth of May. We got to look and learn about stuff in the lake. We looked at fish,plankton,how chemicals can affect the water,etc. We also got to steer the boat(well some of us). We had SO much fun. I was in Mrs.Rita's group. We did experiments,went below deck,ect. Hunter spilled the caption's coffee. This trip was very cool. olivia dopke~Rita 

Hello as always again. it's Rhiannon. So on Monday, May 18, 2015, we went to The Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse city and we went to stop at Inland Seas where the school ship is located. The people that went with me were my whole class, Mrs. Brown my teacher, and Mrs. Catanese. We also had to be in groups. My group was Madisen C, Breanna, Teigan, Jaylee (Mrs. Browns daughter) and Me. Are person who was guiding us along was an instructor but I didn't know his name. There we got to do some pretty cool things. Hmmm.....What did we do you ask? Well the first....Wait before I talk about the fun stuff and how we got to sail the ship, we had to talk about the different features of the boat and the rules. Some of the features contained the back of the ship and how the right was port and the left was starboard. And other things like that. I was saying the first thing we had to do was get on the boat and start sailing into the Sea (as you can see by the title.) anyways we got on the boat at 9:00. One of the things we got to do was we got to put up the sails. It was really cool and we had teamwork and And Seamanship. Another cool thing we got to go downstairs because there's a downstairs there and anyway, we go to look in the microscope on this little t.v. and we got to see all the tiny plankton up close like the phydo plankton, zoo plankton and all that. My favorite though was everything even steering the ship that was the best part. I just really missed it and I really wanted to go again but by the end of the day I had so much fun so please Thank them. Sincerely,~Rhiannon! 

     This  Monday, May 18, 2015 the Onekama fifth grade class went to Grand Traverse Bay to ride a boat.  The boat we rode was a special kind. It was a scooner, a type of sail boat. The scooner was called The Manitou. The Manitou was awesome!!  We had to wake up at 7:15 in the morning, that's pretty early to ride a ship ,but it was so worth it! We rode the boat all around Traverse Bay. On the boat there were different stations to work at. There was a station called  seamanship, a seamanship is where we learned different parts of the ship and how they work. For an example we got to learn how to put up the sails. It takes lots of effort, and teamwork to put up the sails, one person could not have done it alone! There were also different stations like water safety, protection of the water, fish identification, plankton station, water health, and like I said seamanship. I also learned that without a special fish called plankton a lot of animals couldn't live, plankton are a important species and are very much needed.  
     Riding the Manitou wasn't all work. We got to take breaks then and again and just watch the water and listen. One of the instructors taught us something very important, that was that in life we rarely get to just stop and soak in our surroundings and just have peace. In life we are so concerned on what could go wrong we forget what's right, and so for a few minutes we just stopped and lived in the moment. It was perfect!
    I had so much fun and I learned so much, I hope other fifth grade classes will too. ~MADISEN C.

On May 18 my class went to Grand Traverse Bay ,and we got to ride the Manitou. We had to be at school  by 7:00 ,and left the school at 7:15. We arrived at the docks at 8:30 ,and we left the docks at 9:00. When we were on the boat they told us how to be safe. We then through in the otter trawl. We all got to help do to get the trawl in the water. We also helped get it out of the water. It was harder to get it out of the water than it was to get it in. There were some pretty big fish. Then we did some tests to sample the water. Then we raised the sail and we were off! Then we went to the wheel and every body got to drive the ship. We then went down bellow deck ,and sampled water. The last thing we did before we got back was studied plankton! Then back to the shore! The Manitou is a great ship and I had a great time.~ Evan S.