Safety Patrol 2015

This year I was on safety patrol. When you are on safety patrol you help leaps and bounds or help with buses. On safety patrol you hold your arms out so people don't run in front of the buses whiles they're moving. Sometimes when kids are running you have to say please walk. When you get to the end of the year you get awarded by going to Michigan Adventure. Being on safety patrol is really fun. ~Teigan

I like safety patrol because it's learning how to have responsibility. It fun because you get to get out of school early and you feel like a bigger person. That’s why I think that safety patrol is fun. ~Ashley M. 

I am having a grate time on safety patrol. It is nice when it is warm. If is not warm out side. It is cool out and it is nice bit it was cool in Dec. ~Michael

     This year I did Safety Patrol.  We have to stand out in the cold and make sure kids are following the rules. Kids are always climbing the wall  pushing the bus doors apart, and running down the curb. That's why we're out there. Safety Patrol is an important job. Safety patrol has been a great experience and I am enjoying the last few days. ~Evan

    In Safety Patrol we do it during the fall, winter, and spring. You can be on the morning and in the afternoon. I was always on in the afternoon. There are 20 people that do Safety Patrol. In the morning there are two people on. In the afternoon there are seven people on. I'm on in the afternoon I am captain this month. ~Ellery M.

This year for safety patrol has been awesome. My favorite place is clock 1 or clock 2 or leaps and bounds. Even though safety patrol is fun all the safety patrollers are going on a trip. It is to Michigan Adventure. I have been there before it is awesome. Some of the rides are scary but some are wild. They are so fun. I am very excited. Back to safety patrol the only thing that's the worst is standing out side in the winter it's so cold!! ~Sophie W.

Safety patrol was fun and it was hard in  rain and snow and the fourth grade will take over soon but I had a fun time  ~Madison H. 

Dear Mrs. Eldridge,
   Safety patrol was great this year! Even though we had to stand outside in the cold winds, it was all worth it! We have started training the 4th graders for safety patrol, and they are doing very good! They catch on very quickly! I did the morning shift, which meant I had to get to school by 7:30, when the buses come. I occasionally did the afternoon shift, but only when I had to. So far, safety patrol had been great this year! ~Mairin

In safety patrol you had to do a lot of jobs but I choose one clock two for a whole week. The next week it was the another persons job. We have to take one big step then you turn a round and put your fist up. There are jobs as leaps and bounds,clock one, clock two, flag pole, front, back. Good luck forth grade there's lots to choose! ~Mirari

This year I was on safety patrol. It was fun leading leaps and bounds. Almost all of the class was on safety patrol. Now the forth grade is going to take over safety patrol. I'm very excited for Michigan Adventures. ~Breanna

Safety Patrolers at Michigan Adventure