Lending a Helping Hand: Petunia Planting


 Petunia planting us really fun! We went on 5-20-15. My whole class helped make Onekama even more prettier and helped the PLA. I'm sure that my whole entire class will respect the flowers since we planted them. ~Madison A.

     Today we planted petunias. We helped the PLA to plant the petunias. We planted them on M22. We used black dirt and fertilizer. We dug holes to plant the flowers. We put the flowers in then we watered them. I think we made Onekama even more beautiful them before. ~Breanna S

Today we went petunia planting. We learned how to fertilize and there are differ kinds of dirts. My group was Lilly And Breanna.  First thing first you got to do is dig a hole with a little shovel. Then you put black dirt. Then  you put fertilizer in. Then last we put the petunia in. Me and my group did three rows! Then our class forgot about us! Then Evan told Mrs.Brow that three of the students Mrs.Brown said who Lilly-Breanna-and me. I hope next year 5th grade students will this much fun as us except they won't get forgotten! ~Mirari 

            Today, Wednesday May 20, 2015 the fifth grade class went petunia planting all over M22 in Onekama. We went planting at 8:15  in the morning. It was worth it. In my group there was Maegan, Kaylin, and I. We had to dig holes, after we dug the holes we had to put fertilizer in the holes and then water them. Then after we watered the wholes we had to put some sort of seeds in the holes but I don't know what they were called. Maegan had to carry around a bucket full of water, Kaylin had to carry around a bucket full of soil, I assume both buckets were very heavy. I had to dig the holes for the flowers. My favorite part was when we were walking back and we stopped for a minute and Maegan playfully hit my hat off and it landed in the water bucket, it is my favorite hat, and then I grabbed it and also playfully hit Maegan with it to "dry it off". It was hard work but it was very fun, and funny! I liked planting flowers today. I know Everybody will like the flowers when they bloom. Tu I think the people who planted them will like them better. This taught us that we appreciate things more when we do them ourselves.  ~Madisen C. 

    On May 20, 2015 my class took a trip down to M22 to plant petunias for the PLA. We were put in groups of three or four. I was in a group of three. My group was Breanna, Mirari, and I. First, we dug a hole about three inches deep. Then, we put black dirt in the hole we made. Next, we put fertilizer in the hole. Finally, we planted the petunias in the holes we made. I had a very good time. ~Lillian 

Alright. Like I said before hello again. So on May 20, 2015 (Wednesday), we went down by M22 and we helped the PLA plant the Petunias. We wanted to help lend a helping hand so we could beautify Onekama and our community. So we all had to get partnered up with one of our classmates. The person I got was.... Madison A. So first we had t- wait before I say anything fun about it we had to talk about some of the things about the petunia and what to do with it. So anyways.... the first thing we had to was take the petunias and plant them into the ground with fertilizer/dirt. I'm really glad we did this because if we didn't then I wouldn't know a better to beautify Onekama then this. And I'm really proud to say that we did a great job of beautifying This beautiful Place called... Well... Michigan.  ~Rhiannon 

On Wednesday May 20,2015 my class went to plant petunia's M22 in Onekama.  I was planting petunias with Mairin across from Saco's  grocery store. I had a grand time! I helped the Portage Lake Association by fertilizing, planting, and watering the flowers. We got to help water plants at another spot too. After words we met at by the sprit station and played Little Sally Walker. We all had a spectacular time! ~Madalyn

 The petunia planting was cool.  When we were planting the plants it was for onekama. I can't iwait until they bloom up in it flowers. I love the flowers. The water was ice cold wen we gave the flowers a drink. I hope all the flowers will live. ~Michael

My class the 5th grade went petunia planting. First we had to dig a hole then we had to put a little water in it. After that we had to add dirt then fertilizer. The last thing we did was add the flower. I love gardening now! ~Elizabeth 

I am going to talk about petunia planting on 5~20~15. I and Scott Hauswirth were on the corner of EZMart and our adult helped us learn this word 異亜歯 which means (I am happy today). I had lots of fun! ~By Ethan 

We went Petunia planting on May 20, 2015. Our class left at 8:15 a.m - 9:15 a.m. We planted a lot of Petunias. Where we planted Petunias was along M 22. My group each had a job to do. The jobs I did were putting in the holes and putting in the fertilizer. When we finished we head back to the school sign. Then we played a game while were waiting for other classmates to finish. After everyone was finished were started to walk back. I had a fun time hope to do it again! ~Ellery

     On Wednesday we went petunia planting with the PLA. Helping petunia plant petunias was so fun. We dug holes, put in black dirt, watered, and fertilized. Planting petunias is really fun to do. The petunias will look really pretty in the summer. When we helped plant them I really hoped that they would stay healthy and alive. ~Teigan

Petunia planting was amazing. We helped the PLA plant petunias on m22. This was a day I'll never forget I wish you could be there. We met this nice lady. She said that we did such a good job I really feel can't wait to see the petunia plants in summer. I also can't wait to see people walking past those flowers and say (wow these flowers look very beautiful.) This is going to be a great last year. ~Samantha

On May 20,2015 our class went to plant petunias on M22. I planted petunias on the curb beside EZMart. I planted three rows of flowers. I am glad I am purifying Onekama with beautiful flowers. We ran out of flowers half way through. We had to borrow fertilizer from the neighboring helpers. Maddie is singing this freaky song.and she is amazing grace how sweet the sound of cats. ~Scott

May 20, 2015 my class went to help plant petunia's on M22. We went at 8:15 in the morning. It was very cold. I just dug holes over and over.  I saw them put fertilizer and black dirt and water in the for the plants. I saw them place the plants in the holes that I dug. Then it was time to go. I had fun. ~Sophie

We went petunia planting it was great we got to help PLA. We left at 8:15 am to plant petunia we were on M22. I like how we help out the PLA plant the petunia I had a lot fun doing the petunia planting. What we used was fertilizer, black dirt, and water to plant the petunia and water the petunia. After we were done we waited till the rest of the class got back than we head back to do NWEA we got back at 9:35a am. ~Mason E.

  Today we went to plant petunia down to the EZ mark. When we got there we were sat in to group. I was in Lizzy and Sam group. First a lady show us what to do. Then we started to do it. When we were finish with all of it I was so happy that I planted those flower. Now I know that be carful with all kinds of flower or plants. ~Perla

On May 20, the fifth grade class went to plant petunia's all over M22 in Onekama. We watered, fertilized, dug holes, and then filled the plant holes with soil. We had to carry very heavy buckets of soil and water. Even though it was very, very cold, it was a lot of fun. My group of Kaylin, Maddy, and I joked while we worked. The best part was when I flicked Maddy's hat, and it fell into a bucket of water. After Maddy got her hat out of the bucket of water she began to hit me with it to "dry it!" It was totally worth being in the cold, because when the flowers bloom they will look wonderful! ~Maegan 

         At 8:15 in the morning, the 5th grade set out. They met at the bottom of the school hill, and prepared for a morning of dirt, water, and petunias. 
        We split into two groups. All of us were excited to help the PLA. Half of the class went west, and half of the class went east. I was part of the class that went east. We slowly lost kids to the helpers planting petunias. Madalyn Fox and I were the last ones to go. We were right across the street from Saco's. We had a system that we worked by. Maddie put the fertilizer in, while I came afterwards and planted the flowers. At first, we tried to stay as clean as possible. That didn't last long. Soon, we got rid of the kneeling mats and didn't stop until all of the plants were perfect. When we caught up to the people digging the holes, we went back and watered the plants. By the time we finished that, there was more fertilizer to be put in holes and more flowers to plant. Not a long time after that, we finished. 
        We happily skipped our way back over to Mrs. Brown. The stretch of land we planted was very long, and I am very proud to say we did all of that.  ~Mairin

Petunia planting was fun. We got to dig holes and put flowers in got water and it was so fun it was cold and they put fertilizer in the holes and then we were done and we went back at the onekama school sign and took pictures then we walk the hill and we were done. ~Madison H. 

When we went planting for petunias we walked down to spirit to meet up with the PLA people. Our class got to get split up into groups two parts of the class got split up first. we walked down by the gas station that's were some of the class got to go with Mrs.hall the people who we're in my group we're Teigan, Evan ,and Ellie and me. When we got started we grabbed the tools to plant and started to plant the tool that I used first was the shovel, after that I used the fertilizer to make the plant grow. When Teigan and Evan did the water their hands got cold and wet. When we got all the plants planted we went be to sprit it ended at 9:15 and we started at 8:15 after we all got gathered together we got to play a game then we walked back up to the school. Planting the flowers was better then when I plant flowers at my house. ~Ashley M.

   The petunia planting was super fun. We had to dig the holes, put the dark soil in them, put fertilizer in the holes, and put the petunia plants in. I'm super excited for when the big, bright, and pink flowers come out of the ground. It will make onekama look so beautiful. The flowers will make all of us so proud. The people that helped us plant, were so fun and kind. They even gave my group chocolate. I hope we can go again next year! ~Kaylin S.