Michigan Adventure Reward 2015

This page is in progress.  The following 5 comments were emailed to me shortly after the Patrolers returned from their adventure.  If I receive more writings, I'll add them at the end.  I'd also be happy to add any photos.  If you have photos to share, send them (full strength) to beldridg@manistee.org 

May 28th the safety patroller's went to Michigan's adventure. The first ride my group went on was Cork Screw. I was scared at first then I loved it. Then we went on Wolverine Wildcat. It was really fun. Oh and I rid with Mrs. Brown. After that  my group went and ate with Mrs. Brown and Mr. Brown. There was hot dog with macaroni salad, chips, and a cup of ice cream and Breanna was opening her mustard with her teeth and it went all over her. After that we went on thunder hawk but we called it thunder chicken. Mrs. Clouse and I went first and we were supposed to tell if Mairin and Ellie if they should go or not. After that we were walking around and decided to go to the water park. It was very hot out. My group Maegan, Maddy, Mairin, Ellie, and Breanna went to the wave pool first it was awesome. Then we walked around and met up with Mrs. Brown and Mr. Brown and they forced me to go on the funnel of fear. Mr. Brown went with Breanna, Mairin, and Ellie. I went with Mrs. Brown, Maegan, and Maddy. I screamed so hard. It goes through a little tunnel then it dropped and we went so high on the sides I thought the tube was going to tip over. It was scary. Then when I wasn't scared all of us went to a water slide called snake pit. It was not scary at all. We went on it two times. Then my group went back to the wave pool and showed off some cool wave tricks. We stayed there for a little bit like 20 minutes. Mrs. Brown, Ellie and I  also went on this long tan slide. When we got to the top we were so tired because we had to hall a  big tube up a lot of stairs. When we went down Mrs. Brown was saying she didn't want to go backwards so when the guy couldn't  see us I stood up and fell down almost out of the tube Mrs. Brown and Ellie were laughing. Then I fell again on Mrs. Brown and they were laughing and even I was laughing, and I did this just because Mrs. Brown didn't want to be backwards so I  tried to turn the tube around. Then Breanna, Ellie, Teigan, and I went on the funnel of fear again cause Teigan had not gone on it. I still screamed my head off even though I went I it before. Then my group went on this "log ride" and it was not a log ride. The first time I went on it I got soaked and I was in my clothes, but the second time I was in my bathing suit so it didn't matter. Then we went and got dry clothes on and went on more rides. We went on thunder chicken( thunder hawk ) and I sat by Breanna. Then Ellie, Maegan, Maddy, and I had to leave early because  we had a softball game , well not Maegan but the rest of us. Before we left Maddy and I went on shivering timber. It was amazing it went so fast. I had a great day and I think everyone that went loved it too.  ~Sophia


    On May 28 the Safety Patrollers went to Michigan's Adventure. I went with my group which was Maegan and Sophie. First we went on the roller coasters. We rode the Thunder Hawk, which goes in loops and your feet dangle. I also went on the Wildcat. Then we went to the water park. There we went on the Funnel of Fear and the Snake Pit ( it was a water slide. ) My group swam in the wave pool too. I had an amazing time there and I wish I could go there again. ~Breanna S.


     Michigan's Adventure was great. As a reward for doing Safety Patrol the whole year, Michigan's Adventure was a great reward. 
     When we got there, there were so many rides to choose from. Even though many people didn't want to sit with me on all of the rides, I can say it was an enjoyable day. The first ride we did was the Corkscrew. While we were waiting in line, we counted how long the ride was. The ride was 1 min and 13 seconds. After that ride, we went on the Wolverine Wildcat. We weren't in line that long, so we didn't get to count how long it was. After that, everyone went on the Thunder Hawk. Everyone, except me. I got in line, and then got back out again. The time for this ride was 80 seconds. We went on many other rides that I can't even remember, and then a bunch of people in my group left at 4:00 because they had softball. I can say that the last hour was the best one. I finally went on Shivering Timbers, which was a very fast ride and a very scary one! Every time we went down the hill, and my stomach dropped, I would hold my breath. I didn't breath much on that ride. Even though for Michigan's Adventure I had ups and downs, I'm excited for when I can go back again.  ~Mairin M. 

     On May 28th 2015 safety patrollers went to Michigan's adventure. The safety patrollers rode on a bus for 1h,45mins when we got there our teacher had to get our tickets so we can go on the rides. When we got in we got into our groups I was with Matt, my brother, my mom, and Teigan, Jaylin, and Evan and Maddie. First my group went to get a locker to put our bags in the locker, then Maddie and Teigan went I the thunder hawk they went upside down. After that we went on the mad mouse the mad mouse was so much fun, when we were done going on the rides we went swimming with my brother. We went on the funnel of fear it's the biggest water slide there you can have 4 people on the tube. When we were done swimming I had to leave early so I had a good day at Michigan's adventure.  ~Ashley M.

On May 28,2015 I went to Michigan's Adventure because I was safety patrol. The people in my group were me, Jaylin, my dad, Evan, Madalyn, and Ashley The first ride I went on was the Thunder Hawk. it is when you sit in this seat and your feet dangle ,and you go upside down. The second ride I went on was Shivering Timbers. Shivering Timbers is a really huge roller coaster that is all wood! Then I went on the log ride and that was fun too. After that we changed and went to the wave pool that's where I went on rides with Mrs.Brown. I went to funnel of fear, thunder hawk and another ride called adventures falls that got us all wet! Michigan Adventure was fun and exciting. I think we all agreed that that was the best day of school ever! ~ Sincerely, Teigan