We're Becoming Fit Kids

    We learned some things about cardiovascular dieses and how to prevent it. Sometimes we play games Mrs. Gcobe brings in healthy    snacks for us! We also learned that when you eat more healthy foods it gives you more energy than junk foods can. If you eat too much junk  foods that your body won't work as good as healthy foods does. One time we got to play a game with small remotes. And got to dance  around. I have so much fun with fit kids I don't want it to stop till the end of the school year. ~Madison .A

We're doing FIT KIDS, and we learn so many things. I learned that if every person needed 4 acres of land there would have to have five earths and other things like that. ~Ethan

We learned a lot of new things in Fit Kids. Three things I learned are that you can't live without cholesterol. Also for every four grams of sugar it's a teaspoon. Example, If you had something that was five grams of sugar, it would be 1 1/4 teaspoon of sugar.  One more thing I learned was that girls should have no more than 25 grams (6 teaspoons) of sugar. Boys should have no more than 35 grams (9 teaspoons) of sugar. ~Maegan

I learned about how to keep your heart heathy and your body. We learned about foods that are healthy and which milks are good and not good. ~Madison

In Fit Kids I learned that you should drink 3 cups of milk a day. Also I learned that you should exercise 60 minuets a day. In Fit Kids they bring in healthy food to eat and drink we get to eat it so then we could make that healthy food at home. ~Ellery

In Fitkids I learned that you should get exercise 60minutes per day.  Then another thing that I learned was that you should eat grains, like toast and milk. And another thing is that if you don't take care of you body you could have hart attack those are some of the things I learned.  ~Ashley 

In Fit Kids, I have learned 3 things. First, I learned that nutrition labels on food aren't always right, second, I learned that cucumber juice is actually very nutritional for your body. And last but not least, I learned that blueberries and avocado shakes are also nutritional. ~Sincerely, Scott

     In Fit kids I learned you need at least 3 cups of milk a day and if you don't get enough calcium for your bones you get weaker and weaker. Also I learned that fruit have a lot of sugar in them and you should have small serving of fruit. I learned that you need large amounts of vegetables.  ~Breanna

Fit kids is so fun! Fit kids does a lot of things like we drink smoothies and eat lots of things. They tell us about being fit and eating healthy. Three things I learned are girls can only eat 25grams of sugar each day. Another is you need to eat more vegetables and grains more than protein and fruits. The last thing is whole milk out all the milks has the most fat in it. Fit kids this year has be awesome! 
~Sincerely,  Sophie  

One thing I learned from fit kids is what cardiovascular disease is. It is when you have a heart attack. I also learned that a stroke  is when your brain get to much tissue is in one place. For example when there is too much tissue in the memory you start to lose your memory. The third thing I learned is that women can only have 25 grams of sugar each day. ~Elizabeth

In fifth grade we are doing something called fitkids. Fitkids helps you to know how to stay active and eat healthy.  Some things I learned are there is a cardiovascular disease and to stay away form the cardiovascular disease  you need to stay active and eat healthy. Another thing I learned is your heartbeat is not just in your heart it is in you wrists this is called your pulse .Also I learned that a nutrition label is not always right. These are just something's I've learned from Fitkids, Fitkids is very fun and it has been a great experience.  ~Madisen

Hello. This is Rhiannon. Every week on Thursday we have a special called FitKids. FitKids is where we learn how to eat right and keep our heart healthy. Three things that I learned were that we have a heart rate where we look for the beat of our heart, I learned that most of our foods come from diary products, and that to always keep our heart healthy and happy.  ~Rhiannon

 Fit kids has been great this year! We have done many great activities, such as getting our fingers pricked, getting brand new plates that label where our types of food should be, and drinking amazing blueberry smoothies! Three things that I have learned from fit kids, are getting plenty of exercise daily, always eating healthy, and making sure to read labels on food to know what's in them! ~Sincerely, Mairin