Good Behavior Field Day

This 5th grade Field Day Page is in progress

When we got up to the football field we started field day. The first thing my class did was a hula hoop activity. Then we went to egg toss. Mairin and I were tossing the egg and it hit my hand and it splattered all over me. The second time it happened again but it cracked over my head. I got mad so I threw the cracked egg at Mairin. The third game was volleyball. Then we went to a few others. There was this guy that we called bird man. Then we went to get a drink at the loins club. We got popcorn and a drink. After that we did tug-a-war. Kindergarten vs. 1st grade , 2nd vs. 3rd, 4th vs. 5th. In 4th vs. 5th fifth grade won. It was sweet. I got rope burn after that. I will never forget my last field day. ~Sophia W.

Field day was great I had a great time at field day. What we did first was hoolahoop than, volleyball, than the egg toss, than dizzle bat. I like the egg toss and the volleyball game. The egg toss was awesome I was parter with Hunter we made it far. Volleyball game was good my team was losing in the beginning of the game but we won. Tug of war we were vs the 4 grade class but we on tug of war. ~Mason E.

Field day was really fun. We played several different types of games. One game we played was dizzy bat. It was really really funny to watch, but when it's your turn it's not so funny. What you do is you take a baseball bat, and set it on the ground. You have to put your forehead on it and spin around the bat about 10 times. To make it harder you can't take you forehead off the bat, and you can't take the bat off the ground. Then once you've spun around 10 times you have to run around a cone. It was really funny watching everyone else do it. Some people couldn't controls themselves, and they would just drift the other way when they were trying to run. Field day was really fun. ~Maegan H. 

     On Monday it was field day. It was our last field day because next year is middle school. We did a lot of fun things like the hula hoops. We had a hula hoop competition. Then after that we played volleyball which wasn't a volleyball it was inflatable ball. It blew in the wind if it was up to high. Then we did the sack race but I didn't participate in that. It looked fun though. After that we played with a parachute. We made it go up and down. Then after that we ate popcorn then played with bubbles. We made big bubbles they were huge. Next was tug a war. Our class won that. It was a great day and I enjoyed it. ~Breanna S.

     Field Day was on June 1 ,2015. At field day their were many games that we played like hoopla hooping, volleyball, spin the bat on your for head, egg toss, and tuga war. It was really fun to have are last field day. I hope when I am Junior I can help with field day, but this year was the most fun! ~Ellery M.



















Fifth grade
Good Behavior field Day  (photos coming)

On June 1st we went out side to have field day and there were a bunch of activities we did the egg toss and I was a part and we Broke the egg and a it got all over Teigan then we got another egg and it broke again and she put the egg in my hands and after we did the rope competition with the 4th grade and we won so we went back to class. ~Ashley M. 

On field day, we had a great time! We started out with a hoola hoop game! We all held hands, and we had to pass the hoola hoop around the circle. We did it individually, and my team one. We them moved on to the egg toss. We were throwing the egg, and it always splatted in my partners hand. The second time it happened, she threw the remaining egg shell and the yolk stained my shirt. We then moved on to volleyball. After that, we did a few more games, and then we did tug-o-war! Our class one against the 4th graders, by a lot. Even though this was my last year as an elementary student, I can say it was my best year! ~Mairin M.

     On June 1,2015 the whole elementary got to do field day. The first game was a hula game where you have to hold hands and bring it over your head and make it all the way around the circle. The second game was volley ball. The third game is egg toss and I caught the and it went down my shirt! The fourth game was where could actually hula hoop the fifth game was dizzy bat. That's where you have put your head on a bat and turn around ten times and run around a cone. The sixth game was sack, the seventh was parachute, the eighth was where you put a ball in between your legs and hop over to a bucket. After that we ate popcorn and drank juice. Last but not least we play fugitive of war against Mrs.Bennet and we won! ~Teigan Z.

I had a lot of fun it was hot and we played the games and mrs.brown had water guns and she got us wet and we  played egg toss and perla threw the egg and it broke in my hand and I had to wash my hand in the bathroom.  ~Madison H.