Old Engine Club

Our Class Field Trip 

On September 17,2014 we went to the Western Michigan Old Engine Club. A few facts that I learned are that in the general store you could find shovels, food, fabric, and a whole lot more. I also learned that a bucksaw was made for cutting smaller logs and it was made for one person. A crosscut saw was made for cutting bigger logs and was made for two people. Also irons used to be heated on stoves, and they heated up about three at a time so they wouldn't have to keep warming up one every time one got cold. To power a treadle sewing machine you would use your feet and press on the foot pedal and that would make the needle go up and down. This was a very fun trip and I hope I can go again. ~Maegan
  Today my class went to the Western Michigan Old Engine Club Education Day. We went on September 17, 2014. One of the things I learned was that the people that did wood-burning had to put the stamp (that they wanted to burn into the wood ) into the flaming coal. I also learned how to make apple cider it was so fun! Another thing I learned was that people cut wood with two person saws, and that a few  different types of saws for different sized wood. Some other things I learned were in most stores candy cost 1¢ and that there are three parts of an old oven/stove. I also learned that the main ingredient in corn bread is cornmeal. Another thing I learned was that Alexander Bell invented the telephone. My favorite parts were when we got to try home-made corn bread and when we got to saw the wood, it was so cool!!!! I hope I can go again soon! ~Madalyn

Wednesday September , 17 2014 we went to the Western Michigan Old Engine Club Education Day. I learned sorghum looks like corn before it's pressed and it makes molasses for cookies. That treadle lathe is powered by foot, that wood was shaped on the lathe , and that shingles can be made on the lathe too. I also learned about the edger. An edger takes edges off boards and makes a board straight so if they build something it isn't slanted. Then they taught us about the buzz rig. The buzz rig is something that cuts chunks of wood , makes wood even and ,yes they are still used to this this day. Last we went to the sticker and it is one of the sticky ones. The sticker grains stuff. It also has little saw blades to cut the wood to size. I think I had a fantastic time! I wish I could go again. ~Teigan

September 17 I went with my class the 5th grade to Western Michigan Old Engine Club Education Day. I got there and it was cool. The first place I went was the rope making it was awesome I got to hold the piece of wood that made it. Then I went to the Burr Mill the man made cornmeal  from dry corn. We stopped at the General Store where I found a fruit press, shovel, and some candy. I went to my favorite, the goats and they make milk, cheese, and soap. My group Ashley, Maegan, Mairin, and my grandma went to the Quilting station and found out quilts are  made of three layers. Then we went to a few more stations then got on the bus.  I had the best day ever.

September 17, 2014 The fifth grade went to the Western Michigan Old Western Engine Club Education Day. I learned that to power a treadle lathe it took man made strength like a foot to get it to work. I also learned that the Kahlenberg Marine Engines  were made in Wisconsin. I learned next that Kahlenberg Marine Engines were made in 1982. I also I learned that Alexander Graham Bell made the telephone. I then learned that it took two men to start the Kahlenberg Marine Engines. My favorite thing that I learned was tat the Kahlenberg Marines Engines were used in tug boats.  Then we eat lunch at 12:00. After lunch Great Lake Energy's had a little meeting. I learned that even if the power line is down if you touch it you can still get shocked. Also if you want to climb a tree you should always look for wires going into the tree, because just by touching the tree you can get hurt too. After the little show we sadly had to go. I had so much fun at the Western Michigan Old  Engine Club Education Day and I hope I get to go back and enjoy it again! ~Madisen

On September 17, 2014 my class and I went to Western Michigan Old Engine Club Education Day. We all had 5 or 6 people in our groups. The first thing that my group saw was the crosscut saw center. There I got to saw some wood with the crosscut saw. It was really cool. Then we went to look at the goats. They were so cute I even got to pet one of them. The third thing we got to do was the bee keeping center. It was really cool. But there were a whole lot of bees buzzing. I learned that bees make wax for candles and they also make stuff for cosmetics. The other cool thing we went to was the hand corn husking and more center. There we saw this machine that grinds the corn and I got to try it. It was really cool. I learned that the corn can be for feeding for cows and horses and other farm animals. The last thing I saw was the Blacksmith. It was amazing because there was fire coming out of this thing. One thing I learned from the blacksmith was an anvil is a hot piece of metal that bends and makes different shapes. I'm really going to miss the field trip and I wish I could go again cause it was really fun and I'm so thankful for the people there. I loved it. ~Rhiannon

When I  went to Western Michigan Old Engine Club it was Education day. I learned lots of things. There were  five things that stood out to me. The first thing I learned was about the burr mill. Here's  four things I learned about the burr mill the corn has to be real dry ground corn is called corn meal and why it is called a burr mill. It's called burr mill because it has two plates. A burr mill operator is called a miller. I also Learned that it takes four people to cut a log with a circular sawmill. I learned lots of new things at Western Michigan Old Engine Club. ~Elizabeth

 We had so much fun today at the Western Michigan Old Engine Club Education Day!! We did so much, let me start off by telling you how GREAT the corn muffins were! I'm not forgetting the apple cider!! The corn muffins have natural ingredients, like cornmeal, sugar, flour, milk, and eggs. The cider was pressed into a machine, called a cider press. I can't exactly explain what happened when we put the apples in, but I can tell you they got squashed REALLY hard!! We also quilted!! We didn't exactly put it together, but we did tie the strings on the top. I learned that there are three layers of a quilt. The top is fabric, in the middle is badding, and the bottom is also fabric. We also went to the crosscut saw/tools. There were two saws, one was an bucksaw, and one was an crosscut saw. The difference between the was that the bucksaw was for smaller logs. The crosscut was used for bigger logs, it was an two person one. We also went into the general store! There were a lot of old fashioned things. Like sewing machines, and washing machines. If the Old Engine Club had a rating, I would give it 10 out of 10. It was SO much fun!!!!!!     ~Mairin

Western Michigan old engine club education day. I learned a lot on September 17 the first thing I learned about burr mill they told us that when the corn is hard the corn is ready to ground they also call the burr mill operators millers or smith. Then we learned about the crosscut saw/ tools over there we learned that buck saw for smaller logs splitters and that crosscut for larger 2 person. Then we went to goats(non-milking) and we learned that soap comes from goats. After that we went to the quilting I learned that it's made with 3 layers, top layer is fabric middle layer batting bottom layer fabric. After all that fun we had to go home. I love Western Michigan old engine club I hop I Can go back again.  ~Ashley
We went to the old Engine Club on 9-17-14. I learned that electricity  can go through a shoe. I also learned that you can cut wood with slug hammers. Then we went to a thing that had old push mowers. I love the blacksmiths shop, there was three slug hammers one was small slug hammer and a medium slug hammer and a humongous slug hammer. 
We had muffins and apple juice. 
I hope we go to the old Engine Club again.  

 I had a lot of fun at the old engine club it was really fun and I hope that my familly can go this summer so they can see how fun it is to learn. My group went to how to make rope first. it takes 2 people to do it , 9 peacis of twine to make 3 ropes and those 3 ropes makes 1 big one. We Learned that pigmy goats eat hay and sleep on straw. We also learnd how to husk corn with this thing that you put on your fingers and then when it was husked we brought it to a machine that you had to crank to get the corn off the cob. We saw a old wood stove there were 3 mane parts of the stove there was the oven the heating box and the water heater they cooked corn muffins and they gave us fresh apple cider. The difference between Apple juice and cider is that Apple cider is processed. A sewing machine back then was foot peddled to sew and if there was no power in the house to see they would put the sewing machine by the window and if it got to hot inside they would put it on the front porch. ~Daniel   

Our class went to the Western Michigan Old Engine Club Education Day. I learn about how they did the phone with a round dial. Also I know Alexander Graham Bell  invented the telephone. I know how they did the party lines with two or more homes on the same phone line. I know when our apples are ready to be made into cider ready to eat. Also how to use one kind of apples or several kinds.  ~Mason

On September 17, 2014 we went to the Western Michigan Old Engine Show.  I learned that a circular saw is called a circular saw because the saw is a circle. The circular sawmill is powered by a huge generator and it is annoyingly loud. The logs in the olden days got to the sawmill by floated down a river. The circular sawmill was used to build houses or other structures. The most amazing part of the circular sawmill is that it takes 5 people to operate it! The kind of goats on display were non milking goats called Pygmy. I had a super fun time on my field trip to the Western Michigan Old Engine Show. ~Scott

 I had a super fun time on my field trip to the Western Michigan Old Engine Show.When I went to the old engine club it was so cool.   And hears some facts about the old engine club . The first thing I learned was the buck saw takes two people and the cross saw takes one person.  The second thing I learned  that honey bees make honey and bees wax. And the third thing I learned was honey bees make royal jelly.  My fourth thing I learned was bee keepers need gloves and bee nets. The  fifth thing I learned was the guy who made the royalty phone is Alexander.  I love it there I hope I can go again.  ~Mirari

 On September 17 my class went to Western Michigan Old Engine Club Education Day. We learned about all different  kinds of machine in the old days.  My class went in groups. I learned about the Grain Binder. They cut up fields and into straw. After that my group went to see the goats they were so cute. I think the goats were baby. Then we went to the Crosscut Saw it was so cool. Even I get to cut a tree with Rhiannon. I also went to Corn Sheller Machine it was so fun. After that my class ate lunch and we also saw the Great Lake Electric. Then we went to the school. To get really to go home. I wish I can go next year. ~Perla

Today, September 17, 2014 the 5th grade class went to Western Michigan Old Engine Club Education Day. We got to learn how things worked and were made. I learn that a grain binder collects the piles of grain then ties it together. I also learned that a burr mill makes corn meal. The circular sawmill was really cool because we got to see how they shape wood. We got to see goats they were pygmy goats. Our class got to eat homemade corn muffins. They were very good. I had a fun time I wish I could go next year.  ~Ellery
     On September 17 I went to the Western Michigan Old Engine Club Education Day. First my group and I went to the sawmill. We saw the circular saw mill it's called that because it's round like a circle and it takes three men to operate. Then we saw the edger. The edger takes of the edges. After the edger we saw the planer. The planer makes the wood smooth to the touch. After we went to the sawmills we went to the blacksmith. I found out that a forge is the big box of fire to heat the metal that was going to be formed. The metal has to red from the fire to be formed. When I was at the blacksmith he made a horseshoe. Then my group and I went to the stone flour mill. I thought it was cool that they grinned it with a machine that had a stone in it to grinned the wheat. Then we went to telephone pioneers. They showed my group and I really old phone. I learned that Alexander Gram Bell invented the telephone. Also I learned that the name of the phone with the round dial is called rotary telephone. Then at the general store I learned that that you could buy some candy for a penny. I thought it was to bad it's  not a penny any more. Then we went to lunch. My whole class went to lunch. After that it was a power line presentation. I learned a lot there like never ever touch a power line unless your a professional. Then we went back on the school bus and went back to school. I thought the field trip was awesome. I had a great time.  ~Breanna


      September 17,2014 we went to the old engine club. I learned that you should not climb a tree that has a wires in it. And I learned that if you put a hotdog on a electric pole it will blow out  fire. That's why you don't mess with electricity. I also learned that goats make soap. And I learned that quilting takes a long time. My favorite part was seeing how they cut wood. That was my day.  ~Jaylin        I went to  Western Michigan Old Engine Club Education Day. I learned   that  black  smith  make cool tools. they use old  tools  that cool. I want in see the goats  eat hay they live  40 or 50 years. I went to the edger they cut a big log with a big saw. We want to the stone flour mill that was cool how they made flour in the olden days. We went to the quilting . There jackets were cool. they were soft. there hat were soft and warm. We went to black
Smith . On are wood we got to 2014  on it . That was cool. I hope I can go again. ~Madison

    This year I went to the old engine club education day. The first thing I learned is that they used a spinning wheel to make yarn. Then we saw a stone flour Mill its use stone to make flour. Then we went to some other ones that I don't remember. Then we went to the grain binder.  it puts grain together. My favorite was the goats. When my group asked what the goats eat they said they eat straw but I think they eat everything because it ate part of my paper! We ate lunch around 11:45. After that we saw a hot line demo. It was AWSOME  I like it a lot . They showed my class what happens when things touch the telephone wire. After that we got ready to go and left it was a lot of fun at the old engine show. ~Evan

Thank you for letting us come to the Old Engine Club. I learned that the pigme goats don't give milk and that the bee keeper's had to wear special cloths to go get honey. I also learned that in the olden days they had to used hand power lawn mowers. They had to wash clothes by hand because they had no electricity. But my favorite was the old fashion wood cutting it was off the hook. I think if I staid any longer I would be there right now so im glad that I got to go and I'm my family was there every step of the way. I can't wait till other kids get to see what it was like in the olden days.   ~Samantha

Photos provided by Bonnie  Brown ~ Text emailed by fifth grade students ~ September 2014