Helping With Crafts

Helping Hands

     I had fun making a fluffy snowman with Ethan. Mine I barely got done and it turned into a one armed cyclops. Ethan and the girls were making a giant and very very fluffy snowman. When they were done Ethan flung his snowman at my face and got fluffy paint all over my hair. The girls are laughing in the background. I try to look at them, but my eyes are stunned with the fact I got my shirt all creamy. I had lots of fun making a fluffy cream snowman ~ Sincerely, Scott 

     Crafts with the ISD are always so much fun! On the first day, we painted little snowmen, using a mixture of glue and shaving cream! Our little buddy we helped was Jayden! We used puff balls for the eyes and buttons! Also, for the arms, we used Popsicle sticks! 
     The next time we got together, we made hearts! Our buddy for this was Nicole! And together, we put glue on stenciled out hearts, and then glued an assortment of red, purple, and pink pieces of paper onto the heart! We always have so much fun with the ISD!   ~Sincerely, Mairin

   Our class did crafts with the ISD class like a painting of a snowman. A few came in and one joined our group. We use special paint for painting. We puffy paint it was made do glue and shaving cream. Then for Valentines day we made a mosaic heart. I liked having them around in the classroom. It was fun and amazing. ~Breanna

    The ISD come to our classroom every so often, and we do crafts. On the first day that they came to our classroom we make snowmen. The second time they came we made hearts. 
    For the hearts, we had a big plain heart and we covered them with little pieces of colorful paper squares. For the snowmen we had puffy paint and we put some on a piece of paper into the shape of a snowman. Then we put pom pom's on the snowmen for eyes, mouth, and buttons. I think we all had a lot of fun doing theses crafts. ~Maegan 

When i did the crafts with the ISD it was fun because I met a new person named Caleb and he was very nice. Our class made hearts and celeb made a really really good hart. We got to help celeb with his hart and he kept sticking the paper to the back of the chair. And that's when we made harts with the ISD, I hope we can do it again. ~Ashley

I have so much fun doing crafts with the ISD kids! The first time we had a craft with them we made a puffy paint snowman and the last one we did so far is a heart for Valentines Day. I think we are doing a another one this month. Plus I wish it was four times a month but it is only one time a month.

 I enjoyed doing crafts with the ISD. Last time we did a craft was for Valentines day and we made paper hearts. My table and I did our last craft with a boy named Ethan. So far we've done two crafts, a fluffy snowman made out of fluffy white paint, and paper hearts. Ethan was very nice, and it was a great experience. I really hope to  do more crafts with them because they are  nice to be around. ~Madisen 

 I learned that it is fun working with kids that have disabilities. When we made snowmen we had a little boy named Jayden. When the class did hearts for Valentines Day I wasn't here but it looked fun I wish I was there. ~Ellery

This is Rhiannon again. In the last couple of weeks we've had the ISD kids come over and do some crafts with them. One time we made snowman using shaving cream and the other time we made hearts for Valentines. With my experience with them was just amazing. They were so sweet. I learned that no matter how you look or who you are, you’re a true human being.