Buddy Reading Party

Buddy Reading

May 29th we went to Stronach Park for buddy reading. When we got there some played on the play set but most ate lunch. It started to sprinkle but we thought it would pass so we went on eating and playing. Then it started pouring. Then it thunder and we had to leave. Everyone got on a bus except 5th grade we had to stand out in the rain and wait for are bus to come. While we were waiting we told scary story's. It turned out to be a good day. -Sophie W.

The buddy reading picnic was good had a good time. We went to Stronach Park for the picnic. What I did first is I eat my lunch than I went to play baseball. It did rain but it stop than came back so we had to get on the bus so we can be dry. The rain was so bad we had to leave but we had to went because our class had to wait for a bus. In 30 minutes till the get there so we tell ghost stories. After we saw the bus we ran to the bus so we can get to school. ~Mason E.

   We went to Stronech Park on May 29, 2015. When we got there we ate lunch for a little bit then it started to poor down rain. It was a great field trip to end off the fifth grade! We ended up getting stuck under a small pavilion because only two buses we there with no bus drivers. Also we couldn't get on the two buses because they were full and they wouldn't let us on. So when the third bus came fifth grade got on and then we got that whole bus to our selves. When we got back we watch a movie until the end of the day. Best field trip ever. ~Ellery M.

Fifth grade

Buddy Reading Party (photos coming)

On Friday May 29, kindergarten to fifth grade got to go to the park to celebrate buddy reading with other classes throughout the year. This year I think we all thought it was going to be super fun, but it wasn't. It was sunny and kind of warm for a while, but then it started to rain. It wasn't raining that bad so Maddy and I tossed a football back in forth in the rain, but then it started to pour. Mrs. Brown told us to run to the buses, but there were no bus drivers, because when they dropped us off at the park they all went back to school on one bus. So we had to run back to a very small building, that even though we were under it we still got wet. We had to wait for maybe 45 minutes until the bus drivers came to take us back to school. We were all soaking wet and shivering. All because of the rain and thunder we had to go back to the school early, but we did get to watch a movie. ~Maegan H.

We went to Stronach park on May 29th 2015 we were the for 10 minutes because it started to rain then all the classes had to go onto the bus and our class had to wait out side because all the buses were filled for 20mins then the bus finally showed up so we went back. ~Ashley M. 

It was fun but it rain and we had to go under a pavilion and had to wait to are bus to get there but my mom took me home and put try close went back to school and watched a movie it was good but I still had a lot of fun. ~Madison H.

Buddy reading beach day was fantastic! Even though we didn't go to the usual place we went, it was great! We shared a bus with Mrs. Ns 1st grade class. When we got there, the sun was shining, I was eating, and the kids were playing. I had leaned up against a tree, and started reading. A drop of water landed on my book, and I just thought that is was rain from the tree. But when more raindrops hit my paper and people started retreating to the pavilion, I realized it was raining. Many people huddled under the pavilion. It started thundering and lighting, so the parents left, and the kids started piling on the bus. All of the classes, except mine. There were 3 classes on a bus, and there were two buses. We sat under the pavilion, waiting for another bus. When one finally came, we hopped on and rode back to school. We spent the last 3 hours of the day watching a movie. Out of all that happened to us, this was the best buddy reading party ever! ~Mairin M.

Hello, today I'm talking about the end of they year. Okay so first of talking about the Buddy Reading Party. It fun for a few minutes then things with the weather changed. It started to rain for like 5 seconds, then it cleared up, but then it started to pour. We told scary stories then a bus came for us and we went back. Then we have the balloons to middle school. I can't name them all but here are the ones I know, chew gum,play kick ball (I wasn't there for that),shave Mr. Brown's hair,and the pizza party. There was also field day. We did the egg toss, use the hoola hoops, etc. Thanks for reading this. ~Olivia D.

    On May 29, 2015 we went to the buddy reading party at Stronach Park. When we got there we played and then it started to rain. Then everyone got on buses, but there weren't enough buses so we had to stand under a roof and tell scary stories. That buddy reading party was probably the best ever. ~Teigan Z.