Book Bowl 2015

1st Place 
Book Owls


(not pictured Daniel, Madison A.)

2nd place
Super Readers


Beaver Twisters


Book Worms


    This year I was on a book bowl team. When we were on book bowl our class had four teams. There was The Book Owls which was my team, The Bookworms, The Super Readers, and The Beaver Twisters. I was really worried that I was doing it wrong but by the second round I got the hang of it. It ended up The Book Owls being in first, The Super Readers in second, The Beaver Twisters got third , and The Bookworms got fourth. It doesn't really matter who got in first or second, third or, fouth. We all did well. Book bowl was super awesome. ~Teigan Z. 

     Yesterday, June 3,2015 we had a book bowl competition. We had 4 teams. Each team had 5 people on it. Every round the teams had to answer 10 questions. 2 teams went up against each other on each round. We had a mini bracket. The first place winner was the book owls. The second place team was the super readers. The third place team was the beaver twisters. And the fourth place team was book worms. Book bowl was really hard but a lot of fun! ~Kaylin S. 

    Book Bowl to place on June 3, 2015 at the elementary library. My team was called the Super Readers. Are team got second place. It was really fun, but we only versed only each other in our class. It was really fun. Hope they will keep doing it.  ~Ellery M.

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    Everyone did really good at Bookbowl, but if the first competition didn't get canceled I think everyone would have done a lot better, because we read the books and we expected the competition but we had to do the M-Step instead. So I think we all kind of forgot what we read. 
      The Book Owls got first, the Super Readers got second, The Beaver Twisters got third, and the Bookworms got fourth. Overall Bookbowl was pretty fun. ~Maegan H.

    On June 3, the 5th grade had a book bowl competition. The teams were the Super Readers, the Bookworms, the Book Owls, and the Beaver Twisters. The first people to play were the Beaver Twisters, and the Super Readers. The Super Readers won. Next, it was the Book Owls, versus the Bookworms. The Book Owls won. In the end, the scores were first place to the Book Owls, second to the Super Readers, third to Beaver Twisters, and forth to the Bookworms. Even though not everyone came out on top, it was fun.  ~Mairin M.

     Yesterday was book bowl. There was four teams playing against each other. I was on team three the Bookworms. There was very specific questions about the books. My team got two or three questions right. We only got about ten-fifteen points. My team got fourth place so we got last. We won one round and lost the other two rounds. I don't care if we lost as long as my team had fun and we did. We all had a great time together. ~Breanna S.

   June 4, 2015 the 5th grade did Book Bowl. There was 4 teams. My team lost, but I still had fun. Most of the question I knew I wasn't playing. My team name was The Bookworms. I had fun! I hope I can do it next year. ~Elizabeth S.