Band Concert

On Tuesday March 3 the fifth grade and the middle school had a band concert. We played 
4 songs. We played Merrily We Roll Along, Love Somebody, Old McDonald, 
and Ode to Joy. I had a lot of fun. ~Maegan

  This week we had a band concert. We played 4 songs. After we were done the middle school played. It was scary because I have stage fright. ~Breanna
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This Rhiannon again. On Tuesday March 3rd
we had our spring band concert. It was really exciting. The instrument that I played was 
the baritone. The baritone was really fun to 
play. My favorite ones were ode to joy and 
Merrily we roll along. I had a really great time.




Onek.5th-MS. BandConcert.3-2015

Photos provided by Bonnie Brown and Chelle Hrachovina