Balloon Pop!

 During the last two weeks of school the 5th graders popped a ballon each day and each ballon had a note and whatever it was we got to do. The first day we got to move desks wherever we wanted. I now sit across from Mairin, kiddy corned to Evan, and next to Ellie. The second ballon was we got to chew gum in class. It was something we don't usually don't get to do, and it was
fun! The third day we got to make paper airplanes, and see who made them go the farthest. I won the contest with 68 feet 8 inches, we got to throw them twice and add the scores. On the fourth day we got to have a pizza party and watch a movie instead of going to regular lunch. We watched How to Train
Your Dragon 2 it was fun. Also on the fifth day we played kick ball. I think my team won but we weren't keeping track, it was really fun. On the sixth day, my favorite, we got to shave Mr. Browns head! It was so fun! Each person got to do one turn,
and now he looks really weird! Today we are having a kickball or baseball game against the fourth graders!
~Madalyn F.

We have this really fun balloon pop game in are class. There a balloons that when you pop them there's a message inside that says something. The first balloon we popped was move desk to any where in the class. The second balloon was chew gum. The third balloon said airplane contest that was on buddy reading party. Forth balloon was eat in the class that was so fun we had pizza. The fifth one and the sixth one were the most awesome. The fifth won was kick ball and the sixth one was...SHAVE MR. BROWN'S HAIR. The balloons are awesome. -Sophie W.

       We started to pop balloons until the school year is over.
Our first balloon we popped was on May 26,2015 the note inside it said was to change desk. The second balloon we popped was on May 27,2015 and the note inside it said to chew gum in the classroom. Then our third one said paper airplane contest and pizza party. Then the fifth one said kick ball game. The sixth
one said to shave Mr. Brown's head. Are seventh one said to verse the fourth grade at kick ball. That was today's balloon. So that is how far we got can't wait to see what's in tomorrow's 
balloon. ~Ellery M

The balloon to Middle School is and was awesome, we buzzed
off Mr. Browns hair, what looked horrible! Kickball was so fun! That's  all I have. ~Ethan W.

The count down to middle school is we have balloons and each 
day we pop won. We did move desk the first won we did and we had 15 minutes to move are desk. The second won we did was chewed gum in the second balloon. Than we did lunch bunch,
than paper airplane, and than we shaved Mr. Brown head. ~Mason E.

    Everyday in Mrs.Brown's class we pop a balloon. In every balloon there is a piece of paper with something fun for us to do. The first time we popped a balloon we moved our desks. The second time we popped a balloon we got to chew gum. The third time we popped a balloon we had a paper airplane contest. The fourth time we popped a balloon we had a lunch bunch. Then a kickball game. Then we shaved Mr..Brown’s head. Today we had another kickball game but against the fourth graders. We still have one more balloon for the last day of school. I really like
the balloon pop and I can't wait to see what the last one holds.
~Kaylin S.

On Tuesday May 26, we popped our first of 10 balloons while doing "the balloon pop to middle school." Inside of the balloons are small pieces of paper with something written on it. On our first balloon the piece of paper said that we could move our desks wherever we wanted. The second balloon said that we could have gum in class for the day. The third balloon was that we ate lunch in the classroom. The forth balloon was an airplane competition, and the fifth balloon was to play kickball outside. Today, June 3, was probably the best balloon ever!! It was to shave Mr. Brown’s head!! We only have two more balloons to go, and I'm really anxious to see what's inside on them! 
~Maegan H. 

We popped our last balloon as 5th graders on June 4th. Inside, was a paper that said we were going to verse the 4th graders in kick ball. The next day we got to eat doughnuts on national doughnut day! We ate our doughnuts, and listened to music! Even if this was our last day, it was a good one! ~Mairin M.

We are going to v/s mis.bennt. Ho will win no won knows?! I hop we win!! It wood be so cool today and the last day of school. ~Michael W.

Today was your last balloon pop it was EAT DOUGHNUTS IN CLASS because it was nashinal doughnut day. Mrs. Brown brought 4 or 5 boxes for the whole class! It was really  fun and really good. ~ Madison . A 

     The last ballon pop was awesome! The prize was donut day and it was perfecto. I looked all around and saw happy ,and caring class mats around me. Then I herd my favorite songs and every body stated singing and dancing. This was a fun year 2015. By Ethan W 

Our last balloon pop of the year was awesome Perla popped  and it said that we get to eat dounghts and the balloons represent  going on to middle school and it was the funnest year of the elementary ever and the last year of middle school.      We're going to play kickball or baseball and vs the 4th grade and I think that we're going to beet them and that's going to be fun. We should play kickball today cause I'm not all that good at it.  ~Ashley M.

The last two balloons were play kickball with the 4 grade and we get donuts. We are going to try to beat the 4 grade. The donut were good I do not know what it is but the donut was good. The class is going to throw are hats in the air for the last day of school. ~Mason E. 

Hello. Again. On our last day of school, which was June 5th, we had our last balloon popped. The one who got to pop it was Perla. She popped it with a Pencil. When she popped we got the National Doughnut Day. So we got to eat glaze doughnuts which were really good. I'm really glad that we got do fun thing and everything with Mrs. Brown. She was the best and I'm gonna miss her.    Sincerely, Rhiannon 

    Today is the last day of school and we popped the last balloon. Today Perla got to pop the last balloon. In the last balloon it said national donut day so she got out a whole bunch of donuts and we all ate them. All the balloons are popped that means schools out.  ~Teigan Z.

For the ballon pop we got nationalDoug nut day we are also fighting the 4th grade in base ball or kick ball. And we will beat the 4th grad everyone says and hopefully we do.the Doug nuts were good. Have a good summer ms Eldrige  ~Daniel L.

              This past Tuesday, the 26th, our fifth grade class started "The balloon pop to M.S!". The  balloon pop is where we pop a balloon and inside the balloon is a message saying what fun things we do until  the last day of school. The first day we had the ballon pop our message said we could move desks and sit wherever we wanted to. I moved my desk by my friends. In my group there is Kaylin, Maegan, Breanna, Sophie, teigan, Ashley,and me. The second balloon we popped said we could chew gum for a day, since we're not supposed to any otherC day. Mrs.Brown bought us gum to chew. There was two different flavors, there were sour then sweet, and there was regular bubble gum. The third balloon pop was lunch bunch where the whole class stayed in from lunch and watched a movie and ate pizza. Number 4 balloon said an airplane contest. The whole class made paper airplanes and we saw what one could go the farthest. The fifth balloon pop said to play kick ball so the the fifth grade class went out to the soccer field and played each other in kickball. The one we did yesterday is probably my favorite, we shaved Mr.Browns head. And for real. Mrs.Brown brought in scissors and we each took a chance at cutting his hair. We have two more balloons and I can't wait to do those ones. Today we popped our last two balloons amd they said challenge fourth grade in kick ball or base ball, and today is  national donut day so we each got to eat a  donut. ~Madisen C.

Thanks for being such a good sport, Mr. Brown!

Photos provided by Maegan Hrachovina and Mrs. Brown.
See also our "Hats off" pictures.

In August, we will go to middle school. To enjoy our last days as elementary students, Mrs. Brown let us pop a balloon every day with a surprise in it. The first day, we got to move our desks wherever you want! The second day, we got to chew gum in class! We didn't have one on the third day because we went to Michigan's Adventure. On the forth day, we had a paper plane contest! On the fifth day, we had a movie pizza party! On the sixth day, we had a kick ball tournament! Today, we got to shave Mr. Browns head! Mrs. Brown told us that tomorrow, we will have a compliment party! I am very excited for the balloons, and for middle school! ~Mairin M.

Balloon pop we got to shave Mr Browns hair and he has to walk around with his hair like that. But he is wearing his hat so no one will see him which I don't blame him. I would put on a hat to. Also two other balloon pops I did was kick ball and move desk. We didn't keep track of points so we don't know who won we played for an hour. We did are buddy read party but we were only there for thirty minutes because it started to rain. Our bus left so we were stuck out in the rain for twenty minutes. But it was still fun despite our soaking clothes. ~Daniel L. 

Every day we are popping balloons. In each balloon there is a little piece of paper for us to do something. The first day we moved are desks to where we wanted. I moved my desk by my best friend Maddy. The second thing we did was chew gum. The third thing we did was have a paper airplane contest. The fourth thing we did was have a lunch bunch. The fifth thing we did was shave Mr.Brown's head. We still have 3 balloons left. I can't wait!  ~Kaylin S.

     On May 26,2015 we started popping balloons counting down to the end of the year. The first ballon we popped was moving desks we ever we want. The second balloon we popped was chew in class. The third balloon we popped was paper airplane which Madalyn won. The fourth balloon we popped was pizza party in the classroom, the fifth balloon was kickball. The last balloon we popped was shave Mr.Browns head! From my point of view the balloons just keep getting better and better. ~Teigan Z

    For the last weeks of school we popped balloons with stuff to do in them. We moved desks one day so we got to sit by our friends. The next day the activity was you could chew gum in class. Another day we got to eat in the class, so  Mrs. McCarthy bought us pizza. Then we popped another balloon which said we were going to have a paper airplane contest. I lost. Then today we got to shave Mr. Browns head. It was so funny. Who knows what we'll do tomorrow. ~Breanna S.

 We got to do a balloon pop to middle school first we moved our desks, then we did the the lunch bunch when we ate in our classroom, the next day we popped a  balloon and it said that we had to play kickball then we popped another one and it said we needed to shave Mr. Browns head. ~Ashley M.


 Today we popped our last balloon. The note inside it said Happy National Doughnut so we all go doughnuts. Then at 9:00 we will verse the fourth grade. That's all were pretty much doing today. Hope to be a good student next year! ~Ellery

  In the lost ballon was national doughnut day. We all ate doughnuts in the classroom. The doughnuts was so big I couldn't finished it. The doughnut was very good. ~Perla A.

     Today was our last day of school so that means one more ballon pop. That also means our last days of elementary. Next year go to middle school. We popped the ballon and it had national donut day. Then we ate the donuts. Mrs. Brown bought us donuts. They were glazed donuts. I was happy because that is my favorite kind of donut. Also we are playing kickball or baseball against the fourth grade today. I hope we win, but who knows but I hope it's not baseball. I hate baseball but, I love kickball ~Breanna S. 

    Mrs. Brown put nine balloons on the bulletin board. She numbered them one to the last day. She would draw sticks and whoever she drew got to pop the balloon however they wanted to. In each balloon there was a message. The person who popped it read the message, and on the message was a fun activity. It was really fun. ~Lillian

      Our whole class shaved part of mister Browns hair. It was really fun. The photo shows how fun Maddie was having. I got a lot of hair off Mr. Brown. It was awesome. We popped a ballon where we got to watch a movie, have a pizza party, and play kickball with the 4th graders. I believe I am having a fun time in 5th grade.  ~Scott H.  

      For the last week of school the 5th grade we are counting the days left until school is over. We pop balloons everyday. In each one is a little note with an activity. We got to shave Mr. Brown's hair, play kick ball, chew gum, and move our desk where ever we want. They are fun. Can't wait to see what's next. ~no name 

      We have kickball today with 4th grade. I'm so sad today is our last day of 5th grade! But we got donuts! Have a great summer. ~Mirari

     The count down to middle school we pop balloons. The last two are beat the 4th grade at kick ball and eat doughnuts for national doughnut day. We had glaze doughnuts. We haven't played kick ball yet, but I think we will win. I am going to miss elementary. Have a great summer! ~Elizabeth S.

   On the last day of school we had our last balloon pop.  When we popped the balloon we read what it said. When we read it it said national donut day! Mrs.Brown then passed out donuts to every body. This balloon pop was a good one ,but now we're leaving of middle school.  ~EVAN S. 

     For count down to middle school we are doing kickball and baseball  and are going to me them it going to fun today and are ballon today was donut day and the donuts were good .  ~Madison 

     To day was the last day of school and mrs. Brown got donuts.  So we aeat them and hod fun . Jaylin

    Today, May 5, also known as THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, we popped our last ballon in the balloon pop to middle school. Today in the balloon was... Happy national doughnut day! That means we got to eat doughnuts! Yesterdays balloon was to play kickball or baseball against the fourth grade. Today we are going to play the kickball or baseball game, because we didn't do it yesterday. I think Mrs. Brown should do the balloon pop to middle school every year! ~Maegan H   

Today June 5,2015 on our last balloon we had donuts. Since it's national donut day. We all has glazed and it was super good.  ~KAYLIN S.

Dear Ms. Eldridge,
     I have a lot of things to tell you about so let's get started. For a couple day we have been popping balloons and getting weird things todo first gum, then moving desk, then airplanes, next lunch bunch. After kickball, then yesterday shaving Mr Browns head. Then today we got one that said beat 4th grade at kickball or baseball. 
     Today's balloon was awesome we got to eat donates. Talk about lucky it will never forget this last day we are asking people to sign hats and shirts. We got the hats from Mrs. Brown. The shirts we got from home. I really wish I had more time in 5th grade. But all good things most come to a end.
    Anyway this is my last text as a 5th grader. So read this and enter through my eyes. See what I saw and feel what I feel.  This was a great school year. Have a fun summer. 
~Samantha A.