Enjoying Science Olympiad

  In my opinion Science Olympiad was really fun. I went to it with Arlee and Carly. We went to most of the events. I did really bad for the Aero Dynamics, but it was really fun getting ready for it. I won a second place medal for the Math Calculator Contest. Arlee did really well in the Flora and Fauna, but she didn't win anything. Carly felt like she did really well in the Mystery Box and I believe that she did, because she's really good at guessing. I can't wait for Science Olympiad to come around again next year, because I am defiantly doing it.  ~Madison G.

 Science Olympiad was really fun! Some people in my class won. I went and I did the egg drop and mine did not crack. We practiced in Mrs. Catnese's class. I got 15 pennies in barge building. A lot of people in our class won best in class. My favorite event was barge building. I hope I can go next year! ~Kennedy

I went to Science Olympiad. It was really fun doing barg building. I went with my friend Kennedy. Kennedy and I had a lot of fun! The thing that we both liked was the egg drop. Our egg didn't break but it landed to far from the target so we didn't get a medal. We didn't mind, but we were still proud that it didn't break.  I hope to go next year. ~Hanaa

Science Olympiad was fun. I did Barge Building, Flora & Fauna, and Color Wheel. The people in my group were Jazlyn, Hailee, Grace, and Trinity. In Barge Building, I got 16. I was one of the two people in my group who did Flora & Fauna. In Color Wheel I didn't get my color. Those are some reasons Science Olympiad was fun! ~Ryan