Girls Color Run - May 2015

     May 16 2015 there was a color run. It was amazing. At the end everyone got a little packet and threw paint at each other. Paint was everywhere.! It was way fun. It took a lot of showers to get all the paint out. The meddles were cool. They had the GOTR colors. I hope they do it next year. ~Elizabeth        On the day of Girls On The Run I was so happy and scared that I was going to be the last one running, but I wasn't. There were a lot of girls and their family. When saw all the paint it look like I was in a rainbow place, but I wasn't. At the end of the race I saw my family there watching me. I so happy. ~Perla


     Last weekend I ran in the Color Run. I got there at 8:30 am. I was scared that I wasn't going to finish all three miles. 
It was a long time before I finished. I got a lot of colors thrown on me. I got mostly covered in orange. I went through 
all the powder paint. I finished in 30 minutes which surprised me. Then at the end everyone got some powder paint
 to throw.  I had so much fun. It was so awesome. ~Breanna


It was fun. We got a lot of paint on us and we had a before and after picture. It was the best race I ever ran in the world.
 It was the best and at the end we got are paint and we all threw it up and there was so much color and then
Mrs.Brown gave are Award and that was the part because Mrs.Brown gave me a hug. It was the best. ~Madison H.


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Color Run May 2015